The Secret Life of a God

There is a secret god waiting to be revealed within us all…

 David is a very normal young man, perhaps more shy and diffident that most as his lack of confidence goes beyond the growing pains of youth. It goes back to the roots of an ancient civilization and it is entrenched in his sinful origins on the shores of the Ganges as the son of an Indian outcaste -those born below the feet of the God- and a British father. Unfortunately, he has fallen for Kate, the most beautiful girl around.In Kate, he meets his goddess and his downfall. For how can he ever bring himself to look the goddess in the eye?



What are the laws that determine romance? Love? Sexuality? Are we disconnected from our Physical reality?

Pran's (Brian) life starts blighted by ancestral guilt and shame. Born out of wedlock to an Indian outcaste and a British actor, from his early childhood on the shores of the Ganges, through his experiences as a fostered child, and later, as a University Lecturer in Britain, he seems destined by Karma or Determinism, to live a solitary life.

His long and painful relationship with Kate seems to have taught him than more often than not, in love, like in Thermodynamics, Heat travels from hot to cold, Equilibrium in relationships might not be a desirable state, and truth is only a point of view and not the exclusive property of either Science or Religion.

However, perhaps what Einstein called “that spooky Action at a Distance” can overcome the deep scars of guilt and the stigma of his birth, the apparent curse of Kate’s beauty, and even the unsurmountable gulf of death that separates them. Brian will have to learn that the multiple faces of God can include the Goddess-like features of his beloved Kate and his own, and that perhaps the Universe might contain more than 11 Dimensions.

Ultimately, both will have to transcend the inevitable Entropy that permeates our world, the limitations of time, and the hazy, illusory lines between dream and reality, life and death.


Diary of an Ex-Goddess

Some people need to die in order to live.

Kate is one of them…

Kate has met David again, but she is now a very different person: a survivor.

After all, as a fallen goddess, she has learnt the hard way that beauty is like paper wings to a Firebird, dangerous and ephemeral. If there is any chance of re-kindling the love that they once shared, she hopes that this time it won’t be thermodynamically determined. It must end differently.Then, like a phoenix she must rise from the ashes of depression into the dawn of self-love: the magic key to true, reciprocated love. 

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