Story of Stubborness

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

I was born in 1953, during the brief peaceful between the civil war and the only dictatorship my country Colombia experienced in the 20th century.

I seem to have been very stubborn even in the womb. I was obviously determined to be born in spite of the fact that my mother had had her fallopian tubes tied up three years before, after 15 pregnancies. I was the 9th of her living children.  I say I was, because my eldest brother and one of my sisters are already experiencing the greatest adventure of all on the other side (my euphemistic, joyfull perception of death).  

 My mother thought she was menopausal and fat and was dieting for most of the pregnancy. I popped up as an unwanted surprise, weak and sickly. Not a pretty sight, not a pretty girl, not a strong one.Apparently I was clever though!

I went to school with Catholic Nuns. I was a real bookworm and  by the age of 11, i had literally read over a thousand books. My literature teacher wouldn't believe me, and I had to write a list!

By the age of 14, i was convinced my soul would go to hell if i held hands with a boy! I used to put pebbles in my shoes, as a penance to please God.

(To be continued... )