I confess that singing wasn't my first passion. Singing happened to me. Like the measles or any other illness, and sometimes with the same unpleasant results.
I was first standing on tiptoes, wanting to be a ballet dancer, then drawing on any empty space I found in any page of any book in the reduced library at home, then, writing my first poem when I was 8 years old, and later having my very first theatre company at the age of 12. Everyone else was bigger and older than me!
I landed on Songland but chance. Piano was and would have been a secondary passion to dance. I still didn't know I would develop a passion for writting but I always knew I would be a writer.
I didn't have a piano at home, and I was already 12 when some remote family members suggested to my parents that I could study at the one and only music Conservatory in Bogota, my home town. Only then we discovered it was on the same block where we had lived since I was 6.
Sadly a few months later and when I was enjoying my studies, the conservatory was moved to a not very safe area and it became too difficult to get me there.
The singing sprouted- together with many other aspects of my personality! at the age of 15, when my school facilitated a couple of months of guitar lessons for the students who wanted them. My parents brought a guitar, for my father and myself and after a couple of months I wrote my first song and very soon I was performing with the "Tuna"
of my school (that's how we call in hispanoamerica those student groups that go around serenading dressed in black capes with ribbons attached)  I even made it to the newspapers as a composer!
Finally, at 17th, I met a pianist at my remote musical siblings house, who strongly advised my parents not to waste my talents and to make any efforts to send me to the Conservatory. My dear parents did. I still wanted to play piano first and foremost, but by now I was too old to start and I was advised to do the singing course so I could received piano as a complementary instrument.
The rest is History as they say! Very soon I found myself singing in 5 choirs  and very soon I landed in the midst of the one and only Opera Company in the country, first as a chorister and very soon as a soloist (See photos in About me (I've been framed!) apart from my law studies, and the multitude of interests and pursuits that the magical world of University opened to me. I haven't recovered yet. I am still a part timer as a Singer, a writer, a dancer. I live full time! But I do miss University!
If you found all these boring, wait till you see the rest! here it is.
Qualifications and awards: British Council Scholarship; LTCL and Postgraduate Diploma from Trinity College of Music, London; Broadcasting Licence from Colombian Ministry of Culture
Arts Achievement Award (WODC 2004).
Singer and later Manager/Artistic Director of World Music Group Orbestra
Creator, writer, actress, solo singer, artistic director of several projects, including:
  • The Eco-opera Educational/Performance project: all Art forms (except film), funded by SODC, Local Agenda XXI, Arts Council of Britain and Oxfordshire Youth Trust.
  • Songthreads, Ongoing project since 2001 establishing the thread of music and song than joins the hearts of humanity without respect for political and geographical limits, war or economic interest. Funded by WODC andDynamix Festival. Currently at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury.
  • TangoTheatre: Malena The Forgotten Lover. Sold out, highly successful Tango Theatre play, based on the lyrics of a famous Tango. About to see a special offshoot in my new TangoTheatre piece Woman of Shadow, Woman of Light, to see the light at the Edinburgh Fringe, C Venues between the 18th and the 26th August 2013! For more information go to TangoTheatre
  • Firebird, later Firebird Music, launched at the Oxfringe Festival 2009. A company dedicated to promote the performance of live music and teaching projects.. Click on the relevant heading on the Menu or go to for recordings and more information about our Weddings from Church to Reception/Party.
  • Alma de Tango is currently my  leading project. with the shows: Tango!! 100 Years of Passion and Tango: A History of Passion.  For more tango information, go to

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