This is one of the articles published during my adventures as Collaborator and briefly Editor of the short lived Banbury Magazine. In the case of this article, all similarities with myself and real life people and situations are not just a coincidence!

Alternative Way for an Alternative Life

 Surely, my mother had no alternative when I turned up as a relatively unwelcome present on her forty-sixth birthday. She had had an operation three years before to prevent her from having more children after sixteen pregnancies. She went on a diet for six months of the pregnancy, nursing what she thought was the onset of menopause and not a new baby!

As a consequence I was born with a murmur in the heart, a poor liver and a weak constitution, which meant I had to endure an unfair amount of pain and discomfort, followed by the same unfair amount of injections, antibiotics, bullying, operations and a string of side-effects, in spite of having being brought up in an environment where herbs and homeopathy were part of the first-aid kit. 

I arrived to adulthood with chronic anaemia, a lifetime of pain and digestive problems and a hypochondriac’s label, kindly assigned to me by my siblings. But I had kept the same resilience I had shown when I overcame the gigantic obstacles surrounding my birth.

I was and am sure I wasn’t meant to arrive to middle age.

When I was twenty-six a kind friend gave me a present that in her own words I would “never forget”. She sent me to see a prestigious homeopath in Bogotá and my health gave a real turn for the better.

Ever since, I have encountered, found and used many types of alternative approaches to healing my self and my family. My four children and myself have never taken an antibiotic or any conventional remedies except for about ten painkillers in extreme cases, over the last thirty years.

I seem to have overcome the worse aspects of arthritis through a combination of homeopathy, Yoga, Shiatsu, Massage, Digitopuncture (Acupuncture without needles) and ultimately and amazingly, Meditation.

 Instead of going around on four wheels, as I feared it would be the case a few years ago, I go around the lovely Banbury paths on my two wheeled friend which makes me feel as if I was twenty.

I enjoy life and my level of health as only someone who has been a few times about to lose them can do.

I am grateful to life that has given me the stubbornness, the opportunities and the intelligence to follow the Alternative Way to Health.  


Patrissia Cuberos

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