Why Free Downloads?

I cannot help being a bit sarcastic about this: I don't think I can sell even Ice Cream on a hot summer's day at a School's gate.

Therefore, since I've failed selling my work, making a living of the Arts I have lived for, you might as well have them for free. They have been already produced and I want them to roam the earth as I have, and to have a life of their own.

If you would still like to make a financial contribution to my past, present and future work as a singer, writer, teacher, actress, performer, feel free to do so below, or in any of the following pages/websites:

For Free downloads and/or contributions of/towards Tango Music and lyrics with my Alma de Tango Quartet, got to www.almadetango.co.uk

For Free downloads and or/contributions to all other style of music I have sung and recorded, please go to www.firebirdmusicnet.com

For Free downloads and/or contributions of/towards my writing career, please go to my Writer page

All positive feedback, adding me to your Media pages or Websites, will be gratefully accepted, and I will happily add you to my links.

Thank you very much!

Contribution Amount

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