What started as a duo, soon became a dream that took flight.
With our multitalented, multifacetic Musicians, entertainers and performers, we take care of all your wedding, party, reception needs. For more information, go to www.firebirdmusicnet.com

Let us do all the leg work for you. We provide most styles of music, from Classical Singers, to String Quartets, Choirs, Organists/Pianist for your Church and Registry, to Jazz, Pop, Salsa, Tango, Rock bands for your party. We also have in our books Circus performers, Acrobats, dancers. And if you fancy something different just talk to us!!

Free personal assessment and advise with no obligation. Just phone me directly on 07817447043 or drop me an e-mail at firebirdmusic@yahoo.co.uk

Oblivion Astor Piazzolla.mp3

Arrangement and performance by Alma de Tango Quartet, with Patrissia Cuberos, Liz Cowdrey, Matthew Sullivan and Matt Watson

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